Top Three Popular Fairy Names and Their Meaning

If you like role-playing or simply want to name your kid something whimsical without resorting to lifting the name directly from story books, then a fairy name generator might just the thing you need. Though fairies have the reputation of being ethereal and dainty, they also have a mean streak and are truly capable of naughty or cruel things. As such, you really don’t want to name your character, baby, or pet after an evil fairy. More information on fairy names click here.

Here are top five popular fairy names that you could use to highlight your character’s/child’s/pet’s playful persona:

Morgan or Morgana

Starting the list with a name from the famous King Arthur legend, Morgan Le Fay (or Morgana, depending on the source material) is a powerful enchantress who uses her charm and beauty to lure men into following her. While some might argue that Morgana is technically human, you have to take into account that her last name, Le Fay, literally means ‘the fairy’ in French.

Furthermore, fairies are known for their powers of charm and enchantment – in which case, Morgana is more like a fairy and less of a human.


What’s better than being a fairy princess? How about a fairy queen? Rhiannon is famous Celtic legendary figure and a fairy queen to boot. In fact, movies and novels that often depict a powerful female fairy riding a white horse are definitely inspired by Rhiannon’s story as she is famous for riding her white steed to travel between worlds.


While this name is made famous by a popular TV series, Bran is a fairly large figure in Welsh mythology and folklore. Often portrayed as a raven, Bran is also known as the Celtic God of Health. There are far too many stories that depict Bran’s bravery and resourcefulness in the face of the unknown as well as his deep love for adventure. Though you might find the TV Bran to be a bit boring, the original Bran the Blessed is a pretty powerful figure that you’ll be proud to be named after.